My interdisciplinary art practice consists of painting, poetry and performance. Through my work I explore and deepen a connection with the natural world from my city background. The paintings portray landscapes and young people.

I romanticize the landscape, by depicting fairytale-like and pristine nature, which I disturb with contemporary looking subjects. The subjects rest, play or just muddle along. In this way I emphasize the animal nature of human beings to show that we are also part of the natural world. With the paintings I want to evoke a tension that questions the relationship between human and nature.
Painter based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
+31 621 593 448

Selected exhibitions
Figure it out, curating Pictura Dordrecht (2022)
Kersvers, spoken word, vurige tongen, Ruigoord Amsterdam (2022)
Mother(land), groupshow, Z33 Hasselt (2022)
Kersvers, performance night, Door Dordecht (2021)
When the curtain falls, solo show, Culturehub Rotterdam (2021)
Kersvers, groupshow, Pictura Dordrecht (2021)
The Nowshow, groupshow, St. Joost academy Breda (2021)
Window exhibition, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (2021

Moment of trust, groupshow, Club Solo Breda (2020)
Bachelor Art & Research, St Joost school for Arts and Design Breda (2017-2021)
Minor Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht