I'm Doris Kolpa (she/her) a Rotterdam-based interdisciplinary artist, graduate from Fine Arts at the St. Joost Academy. Through painting, poetry and performances, I explore my experiences of modern-day life, womanhood, love, emptiness in a capitalist era and my city-bound alienation from nature.

I always seek for a tension in my work. This tension can be literally visible or present in a more poetic way. Mostly the tension lies between the subjects and the space. It can be a bored expression, intimate words followed by shattering ones or a hair blower which also very much resembles a gun. With this tension, I aim to disrupt the image in order to shake off the obvious and then question it. I think something has to break or be disturbed before one can really be aware of it.
Painter based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
+31 621 593 448

Selected exhibitions
Festival exhibition, Palet Amsterdam (2023)
Ubuntu, groupshow and performance, de Zolder & Mono Rotterdam (2023)
Zomersalon, groupshow, Westerkade kunst Rotterdam (2023)
When Grey turns Purple, performance, Skek Amsterdam (2023)
Salon de Cultrue, performance, kunstkerk Dordrecht (2023)
Crisiskunst, groupshow, Gallery Niffo Rotterdam (2022)

Figure it out, curating Pictura Dordrecht (2022)
Kersvers, spoken word, vurige tongen, Ruigoord Amsterdam (2022)
Mother(land), groupshow, Z33 Hasselt (2022)
Kersvers, performance night, Door Dordecht (2021)
When the curtain falls, solo show, Culturehub Rotterdam (2021)
Kersvers, groupshow, Pictura Dordrecht (2021)
The Nowshow, groupshow, St. Joost academy Breda (2021)
Window exhibition, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (2021

Moment of trust, groupshow, Club Solo Breda (2020)
Bachelor Art & Research, St Joost school for Arts and Design Breda (2017-2021)
Minor Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht