Using bright colors, spacious canvasses and familiar scenes, Doris Kolpa (26) seduces the viewer to connect with her paintings. And then jolt them after a closer look for there is always something discomforting. A bored expression, disconnected couples or a hair-blower which also very much resembles a gun. With these disruptions in mundane moments, Kolpa agitates the obvious in order to question everyday life.

Kolpa grew up in a city, against the background of the endless temptations of consumerism, materialism, productivity pressure and social media. Stimulations to put one in an insatiable state of desire. Kolpa felt betrayed, “A desire expires immediately after accomplishing”. And imagined how the hunt towards longings, leaves an emptiness behind. She saw how people tried to full this void and wondered if a moment can ever be enough.

Yet it is emptiness which fills the paintings, a battle bounded by desire and disappointment. By playing with cliches from the advertising world and using the slowness of the oil paint, Kolpa breaks with the achievement pleasing and fastness of modern western life. Instead Kolpa wants to explore and share her city-bound detachment, alienation and disenchantment from nature, which she believes has eroded into the emptiness. By exposing and questioning her personal experiences, she’s touching a larger universal whole, to connect with the other.

Painter based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
+31 621 593 448

Selected exhibitions
Figure it out, curating Pictura Dordrecht (2022)
Kersvers, spoken word, vurige tongen, Ruigoord Amsterdam (2022)
Mother(land), groupshow, Z33 Hasselt (2022)
Kersvers, performance night, Door Dordecht (2021)
When the curtain falls, solo show, Culturehub Rotterdam (2021)
Kersvers, groupshow, Pictura Dordrecht (2021)
The Nowshow, groupshow, St. Joost academy Breda (2021)
Window exhibition, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (2021

Moment of trust, groupshow, Club Solo Breda (2020)
Bachelor Art & Research, St Joost school for Arts and Design Breda (2017-2021)
Minor Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht